Ill be back in 2 weeks send me a txt 2016744567 to set up an appointment #newjersey #NJ

I have time for one more tattoo before I leave to New Mexico for 2 months. Get at me if you want to get something cool today (201) 6744567

Pissed off skin hopefully you’ll get a better picture when it’s healed

Got a better picture :)

I’ll be tattooing at these conventions. VISIONARY Asbury Park, NJ and WILDWOOD BEACH BASH. hit me up if you like to get something Paschoalcarlos@ymail.com

If you don’t already follow these ladies, you should!!! Most inspiring female artist in the industry @missyrhysing @eva_jean @lore_morato

INSTAGRAM @carlosta2paschoal

For Friday hope he likes it :)



"What about when you get old?"
Tattooed Seniors answer the question.

Omg I love these people ♥

Seriously we are all gonna look so cool when we are older. Bring it on.


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